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Child and Spousal Support

When parents of children do not live together or become separated after previously living together, one of their primary concerns becomes how they will support their children. Pennsylvania law provides guidelines which specify the amount a parent will pay or receive. There are many factors that determine this amount. Some of the important issues parents need to consider are:

      - When and where can I file for support?
      - What if I am voluntarily paying or receiving child support without an order, should I file instead?
      - How can the amount of custody I have change the amount of support I will pay or receive?
      - Can medical bills, daycare costs, and other expenses be included in the child support payment?
      - What if I have no income?
      - What if I lose my job?
      - Will my payment ever change?
      - The other parent makes a lot more than he or she shows on paper. What do I do?

The attorneys at Stonesifer and Kelley will provide you with the answers to these important questions and utilize this information in representing you throughout the legal process from the support conference through a hearing with the court, if necessary. It is important to have legal representation at all stages of the legal process. If you are not represented by an attorney at the support conference you may miss opportunities to gather or provide important information used in determining how much you pay.

After a support order has been entered, problems may arise in enforcing the order. If you are not receiving the amount ordered you may be able to assist the court in collection. If you are unable to pay your support, you may have reasons to have the amount reduced. If not, it is critical that you make arrangements to pay what you owe and get back on track to prevent civil and criminal penalties. We can help.

If you are married, you may be entitled to receive or be required to pay spousal support. If you and your spouse also own a home together, the payment of the mortgage can be a factor that impacts the amount of spousal support. Other issues may impact spousal support payments or provide a defense to collecting spousal support. We will provide you with the information you need and legal representation to protect your interest at a support conference and beyond.