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At Stonesifer and Kelley, we represent clients through all stages of the divorce process from the initial filing to negotiating settlements or litigating claims for equitable distribution of property and alimony. We also represent clients after divorce to enforce the terms of settlement agreements or a Master’s or Judge’s decree.

Often clients are unsure whether they want to proceed with a divorce. Others are facing a spouse’s filing of a divorce complaint but do not agree that the marriage should end. We can explain your options and the financial matters you may need to consider. We will answer those often asked questions:

      - What does it mean that Pennsylvania is a “no fault” divorce state?
      - Will I lose my rights to my home or be accused of abandoning it if I leave?
      - Can I change the locks if I stay and my spouse leaves?
      - What assets and debts will be divided during divorce and what if I don’t know what assets and      
        debts my spouse may have?
      - Will I have to pay or will I receive alimony?

We will explain Pennsylvania law regarding these issues and assist you in obtaining all of the necessary information to enable you to make an informed decision regarding settlement or litigation.